10 Point-Pen Calligraphy Supplies I Absolutely Swear By in 2020

In a time where we are ruled by technology and the digital space, we yearn to be creative with our hands and greatly appreciate the art of calligraphy. Pointed-pen calligraphy is calligraphy you see where there are beautiful thick and thin strokes in each letter and throughout a word using a pen, nib and ink. This type of calligraphy dates back to days when we didn't have printers and trained calligraphers hand-wrote books, documents, certificates, etc. Nowadays, we widely see calligraphy in marketing advertisements, weddings, personal journals or bullet journals, and on social media where people share their enjoyment of simply learning the art. It has been making a come back in the past decade and we are all here for it.

Pointed-pen calligraphy requires great accuracy, focus, and patience, so you'll need the right tools to get you started. It's also relatively affordable to get good quality materials and you can use it for a long time before having to purchase new items.

Over the years of practicing and teaching calligraphy, below is the list of supplies that I reach for over and over again. It's the supplies I personally use for practice and client projects and it's also the supplies I provide in my workshops for students. All supplies are good for all levels of experience, left and right-handed writers, and especially great for beginners.

The general list to get started with calligraphy is below, you'll need:

  • Pen holder

  • Nib

  • Paper

  • Ink

  • Ink Holder


Moblique Pen Holder

This Oblique Pen holder is shaped to comfortably fit in your hand, it's light and it's multi-functional. It's both an oblique pen holder and a straight pen holder and you can actually twist the body open to store a couple of nibs inside. It's great for traveling and it's comes in an array of colors, metallic and matte.