Hello! I'm Queeny Lu, the calligrapher, designer and artist behind Traveling Calligrapher. Based out of San Jose, CA and serving clients all over California/the Bay Area. I love modern calligraphy, watercolor, illustration, and teaching. Originally from San Jose, California, I happily stumbled upon my calligraphy journey while studying Arabic in 2011-2013 after college. I loved the language and exploring the world of Arabic poetry, but coming back to the US meant I used less of the language, so I joined a calligraphy Meetup group which I then became a co-organizer for which helped me learn, grow and eventually teach calligraphy. From there it snowballed from a hobby to teaching and then eventually starting my own small business and quitting my event management job in June 2017. I'm constantly getting inspiration from every corner and I'm diligently growing as an artist and entrepreneur. I'm most inspired by my own life experiences, travel, nature and poetry.


Currently, I just opened up my first art retail shop selling my maps and art supplies in San Jose, CA (May 2019). I dream to create a creative community inclusive of all people who are interested in art, handwriting, and traveling. I'm on a journey to write the story behind each map and to share it on my website for travel inspiration. I also want to eventually grow my business into a full on stationery business. When I'm not doing calligraphy, I'm  either snuggling with my cats or booking flights to my next travel adventure!

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   Arabic Studies, June 2011-June 2013

   English Script, Self-Taught, Dec 2013-Now

   Engrosser's Script

   Spencerian Script

Graphic Design

   Digital Wedding Invitations 2015-Now

   Logo Design

   Tattoo Design

   Wine Label Designs


Wedding Couples, lots of them!

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