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Queeny Lu is a Calligrapher, Illustrator & Graphic Designer with a focus on creating artwork that most often brings out emotions and starts conversations. Inspired by her inquisitive view of the world, patterns and symmetry in languages and nature; she combines traditional graphic design elements with modern calligraphy and hand-made fonts. From the old-fashioned pen to paper method to the digital realm, she combines different art mediums to create engaging and relatable stories through her work. She is known to be aware and intuitive in her work process and delivers work that exceeds expectations. Having worked with individual clients to international brands, she understands the person or brand's need to attract and connect with a diverse range of audiences through thoughtful and modern illustrations + calligraphy.  

work archive 2015-present

Cook Book Cover_2020

Wedding Cookbook, 2020

Electronic Company Logo, 2019

Indian Wedding Invite, 2019

Indian Wedding Invite, 2019

Coffee Company Logo, 2019

Santa Cruz Map, 2019

untitled_artwork 4.jpg

San Jose Cocktail Bar Map, 2019

Kentucky Map, 2019

Kentucky Map, 2019

district 4 map_final_9.23.19.jpg

District 4 LA Map for City Counsel Member, 2019

Redwood Trees Wedding Invite, 2018

Custom Wine Label, 2016

Custom Wedding Wine Label, 2016

Wedding Suite, 2018

Simple, Floral Wedding Suite, 2018

French Menu, 2015

French Style Menu, 2016

Morgan Hill Map, 2019

Morgan Hill Map, 2019

Wedding Invite, Jun 2019

Church Wedding Invite, 2019

Geometric Wedding Suite, 2019

Geometric Full Wedding Suite, 2019

Conta Costa County Map, 2019

Elegant Wedding Invite, 2019

Elegant Wedding Invite, 2019

Lake Tahoe Map, 2018

Hand-Sketched, Painted Timberland Boots, 2017

Welding Company  Logo, 2019


Traveling Heart, Watercolor and Line, 2018

final_amor fati_v3_5.30.18.jpg

Tattoo Design, 2017

Bright Moon Events Co Logo, 2016

Wedding Planning Company Logo, 2015